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To be eligible for admission into any VTU Master Degree Program for part-time and distance forms of education Egyptian applicants must have

  • Bachelor's degree from an accredited or approved by the Egyptian government university;
  • demonstrated proficiency in the English language.

Application Package for Master's degree programs

Egyptian students' applications will be considered after all documents listed below have been received at VTU.

  • VTU International Student Application Form;
  • Diploma for completed Higher Education (Bachelor's Degree) with a translation in Bulgarian or in English. The diploma must be verified by the Bulgarian Diplomatic Mission/Consular Office in the country where the diploma is issued;
  • Copy of the applicant's national passport (name, date of birth, country);
  • 5 photographs (4 cm/3 cm);
  • Additional documents may be required by VTU.

*The Diploma for Higher Education (Bachelor's degree) must be verified by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the student's country. A copy of the thus verified Diploma, accompanied by translation into English or Bulgarian, must be verified by the Bulgarian diplomatic mission in the student's country. To receive an official higher education Diploma, you must submit your secondary education Diploma as well.

** The University sends the documents of the approved applicants to the Bulgarian Ministry of Education and Science following the Regulations on the conditions and the procedures for visa issue by the diplomatic and consular missions in Republic of Bulgaria.

  Master's programs
Candidates with Bachelor's degrees in Economics or in Administration and Management
Candidates with Bachelor's degrees other than those in Economics or in Administration and Management
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